A Short History


 The Guest Memorial Library and Reading Room (now known as the Guest Keen Club), was built in 1863 as a memorial to Sir Josiah John Guest, by Sir Charles Berry, who also designed part of the Houses of Parliament. The design was based on the Greek Parthenon and was originally being paid for by the Dowlais Workmen, at a cost of £2,200. The Guest Memorial was commissioned by Lady Charlotte Guest in memory of her husband. As costs began to soar the Dowlais Iron Company took over completion of the building on the condition that it became their property, and they returned all money to the Trustees who used it to provide annual scholarships for the children taught in Dowlais schools. The library was eventually opened in 1863 at a total cost of £7,000.



Now a privately owned Grade II listed building, the Guest Keen Club is run by Peggy, along with her hugely talented and dedicated work force; they have been in business at the Guest Keen Club since 2007. With over a hundred years of combined knowledge and dedication to the hospitality, catering and events business, the Guest Keen Club has gone from strength to strength, and will continue to do so for decades to come.